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Faith Lift

If you would like to be encouraged and lifted up to cope with whatever situation you face each day, this devotional is for you.  While you have a cuppa, you can be inspired, challenged, thoughtful, and focussed on God, each and every day.

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00032 - Trust in God
00031 - The final frontier
00030 - Happy Inter-dependence Day
00029 - The Key
00028 - The gates to transformation
00027 - Fasting
00026 - Eternity
00025 - The culture of the Kingdom
00024 - A lightbulb moment
00023 - The Royal law
00022 - Be the best you can be… starting right now!
00021 - Breakthrough
00020 - Angels
00019 - Rod of testimony
00018 - Rejoice
00017 - Jesus changes everything
00016 - Peace enough to still the storm
00015 - The Prodigals Father
00014 - Always prepare through prayer
00013 - Standin on the shoulders of giants
00012 - You are fearfully and wonderfully made
00011 - The Prodigals
00010 - The hidden influence of prayer
00009 - To serve or be served
00008 - What would you sacrifice
00007 - Honouring the influencers
00006 - If you build it, they will come
00005 - Knowing the seasons in life
00004 - Even more undignified than this
00003 - What is Prayer
00002 - Hope for the Future
00001 - Edge of a Crisis or Edge of a Miracle
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What people are saying...

Amen!, Well said and very true. It is great to know His Peace in adverse situations.



Thank you for sending today’s devotional. 
It is right for this time. 




Different and interesting. Thought-provoking &  Positive.



These daily devotions are gems from heaven.



A wonderful message in today's email. Thank you for the encouragement and food for thought.



I have enjoyed reading them and they have been an encouragement.



It has been a godsend


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