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This is the actual number of people who have made a commitment in last sixteen months via our website.

We are so excited to be working on this project, where non-Christian members of the public are able to find our evangelism website through Google as they type in questions searching for answers to the issue they face in life.

Let me unpack the screen grab from Google Analytics below.

You'll see we has a total of 496,923 people visit the site in this period. Much of the traffic comes and goes quickly as people click off the site. 1,247 people asked us a question and an incredible 489,916 existing questions and answers were viewed.

We also made 4,427 recommendations to local Churches in the UK, which are registered on our system.

You'll see from the graph, that as Google changes it's search algorithm this affects how traffic comes to our website, between Sep 2018 and March 2018 it was quite down, but a recent further change by Google has seen a dramatic increase.

Imagine, being able to work from an office in South Wales, and touch hundreds of thousands of people with the Gospel, answer their questions, lead them in a prayer of Salvation and recommend them to a local Church. That is happening right here, right now. is part of the 100m project, and we record all the evidence of people coming to faith there.

We are trying to increase our ability to respond to all the queries on Looking for God. We need to find a further £880 a month in support to do the job well.

If you would like to support this project, then Click Here a regular gift of £5 a month would be so helpful.

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