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10 ideas for Lent

So here we are, the start of lent, for 40 days we should give up something, be more charitable and prepare for Easter. Here are some great ideas from Toronto.

The danger of Lent is that we treat it a little like a New Years resolution, and the fact that there are traditionally several things we're meant to do. Sin Less, Pray more, Fast, Sacrifice something, and be philanthropic. Personally I struggle at New Year to go for a few days without my New Years resolution failing.

I must say however, because of the very deep connection to my faith, Lent is something I take more seriously.

I've found it's always good to have a buddy to go through lent with, someone you can share thought with, pray with and someone you can admit to when you failed. There's great accountability in that and it helps to get back on course.

A lot of people I hear talking about Lent seem to focus on the abstinence aspects, giving up alcohol or chocolate. While thats fine and noble, there is much more to this season than making yourself feel good.

The fasting and meditative prayer is central. So will we use our time to carve 20 minutes or half an hour a day to focus on the life of Jesus, to think about His sacrifice to us ? Will to think of one act of kindness we can do each day ?

With life being so busy, we can easily overlook Lent, or fail miserably. The choice I suppose is all ours.

So let Lent challenge you today, to go deeper, get spiritually stronger, to remember and to act on praying, fasting, sacrifice and giving. Amen.


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