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5 items a week to save your local shop.... awesome.

I live on a street called 'New Road', it has plenty of traffic, but little parking and in the last couple of years has been decimated, around 30 businesses have been and gone, it's been so sad to see. There are some charity shops, some take aways, three cafes and an unusual number of hairdressers.

In our little sleepy village there are also two 'vape' shops which I guess is a sign of changing times.

When faced with a similar problem in a more rural area, Vicky Worsley came up with a great idea, encourage people to buy 5 items a week from their local shops. There are 5,000 people living within a 10 minute walk of our street, so the economic impact of that would be amazing for the local community.

So spread the idea. We are going to do it, and the cost difference is minimal. It's about making solid connections with the people you live near, find out their names, compliment them, help then when you know there is need. Community is back in focus - lets do it.

To see the original article run by the BBC visit :

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