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52 Today

I am definitely going to start counting backward from now on LOL.

It's Birthday time in the Brettle household and this year is extra special as we adopt two children.

My FaceBook list says 10 of my friends share the same birthday as I do. Happy Birthday to you all.

Here are some interesting facts....

  • I have now lived for 18,993 days or 1.641 billion seconds (oh, there's another one)

  • My heart has beaten over 311 million times

  • If I had never cut my nails they would now be 61 feet long

  • I would have sneezed over 76,000 times

  • I've been awake across these 52 years for over 303,000 hours

  • I've swallowed more than 11.4 million times

In 52 years, I've travelled to 46 countries across over 1,000 trips, travelled more than 5 million miles on a plane, spoken in a couple of thousand churches, and seen more than 20,000 people come to Christ, had a lost a fortune at one point, and raised millions for ministry.

I've had a privileged life so far, with so many opportunities, cramming into these 52 years more experiences than most people would see in their own lifetime.

So here are to 30-40 more productive and serving years in ministry, here's to seeing more people find Jesus.

All of this wouldn't have been possible if I wasn't a Christian, so I'm giving the glory of all of this back to God and encourage you to say YES whenever He asks something of you. You have nothing to lose.

Thanks for sharing the journey with me this far.

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