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A General has been Promoted

George Verwer passed away just after 11 pm on Friday, 14th April.

I first met George Verwer about 12 years ago when I attended a conference in Metropolitan Tabernacle (Northern Ireland). I was the ministry director of UCB, so I would often travel around the place to various meetings.

We did the usual pleasantries, and then he went up to speak. Not long, to the point, he really pushed that the whole congregation should pray that the Gospel would reach more people.

George walked off the stage, found a quiet corner (near where I was) and just went straight into intercession. For half an hour or so, you could almost feel the depth of prayer, the burden he felt, the needs to be met, the lost to be saved.

We then bumped into each other at various places, conferences, one time he rang me to say pray; I'm at the inauguration of the first black President of the United States - Barack Obama. He was random like that, often sending SMS messages, emails the odd phone call as you popped into his thoughts. I was never an OM'er but that didn't matter to George.

This picture was a happen chance meeting on a train. I was waiting for the loo and who came up also looking for the toilet but George. We shared a great hour or so afterwards, just talking about the Lord, and various situations around the world, he was always as sharp as a button.

When George posted his last blog just a few days ago, I sent him a simple message - 'God Speed'. He never wanted treatment, He wanted Jesus.

I wish we all could learn to be as passionate as George was and to find a way now when so many giants of the faith are being promoted to Glory, to be the kind of leader that George was.

My thoughts and prayers to Derena and the family.


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