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A Great Day out...

We had a great day out with The May Family in Legoland Windsor today. This place always delivers fun.

It was the first weekend of the 2019 season and the park was packed. We set out from Wales a little after 7am deciding to drive up and then stay in London afterward.

A few initial tips.

1) You can get a half price ticket if you book online at least seven days before hand.

2) Paying £12 instead of £6 means you can park your car in the car park immediately opposite the security entrance, and walk to the left corner of the car park to completely jump the queue (part of the benefit), and of course at the end of the day you can walk quickly back to your car and again miss the queue.

3) Q-Bot the queue jump inside the park is VERY expensive, we were quoted £90 a person for the top level queue jump just to miss the queues. If you plan well, like going straight to your main ride first, having lunch early and going on the other rides when people are having their lunch the queues are between zero and 20 minutes.

4) Everyone seems to go to the toilet just outside the park entrance, there are big queues there, yet just inside the entrance on the left are bigger toilets which are never full.

More tips at the end.

As I've mentioned in a previous blog, I'm living a second childhood. After a 'break' of 32 years, my 5yr old son Reuben is showing significant interest in Lego and I'm loving getting back into Lego.

Of course I did wonder for a whole 5 seconds whether it would be PC for a 48 yr old to play Lego with his son ? It's fun, move on...

My biggest problem is I get completely obsessed with things, so I do have to exercise some restraint for Rebekah's sake, as we could have Lego furniture, permanent Lego models on display and a Lego workshop complete with storage and a Lego designer account.... you get the idea.

5) The prices in the Lego store are approx 20% cheaper than even Amazon sells them. You don't get your 10% off for being a Lego VIP member or get to collect points, but there are some good deals in this very well stocked shop. So if your planning a major lego purchase it's worth considering this as you exit the park.

6) Although we didn't stay there The Lego hotel is open year round and off season has some great bargins off season. Friends have said that during a park dress rehearsal for the season they were allowed inside for free.

7) If the weather is off there are not too many inside places to visit, so bear that in mind. Its a big park, so wrap up warm and wear something waterproof.

8) The Knights Tavern is the place to go if you have food allergies, although the place is small they do have an allergy menu. We tend to take drinks in with us, as it's around £2.60 just for a coke, where as 55p for a can or bottle of water from a supermarket.

9) Miniture land has two levels, don't forget to visit the lower level, it's amazing what is there.

10) If you are staying in London overnight, we always try and get a hotel near Heathrow. £99 for a Holiday Inn, including three dinners and three breakfasts - amazing deal for a family room. Car Park was £16 overnight though.

So if you plan well, a family of three can get tickets half price, Hotel deals etc. all makes for a great day out. We ten to do Lego land once every two years - that way there is always something new to see.

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