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Advent for Everyone

Tom Wright excels himself in this lovely Advent guide. Working through the lives of the Apostles. A great little devotional for you or your homegroup.

  • Looking to take more from the Advent season?

  • Tom Wright guides you through how Jesus' life transformed the lives of the apostles

  • Perfect for sharing with newer Christians, as well as seasoned believers

Draw alongside the very people who walked with Jesus in this new Advent Devotional which looks at the Apostles, and how their encounters with Christ changed them forever. Created from several of Tom Wright's For Everyone series, these readings represent the glowing wisdom of a man who opened up the Bible in ways anyone could grasp hold of.

Journeying through themes that make Christmas a time of hope and meaning for millions, Advent for Everyone takes you by the hand through the infinite wonder of Jesus' life, and those of his followers.

Whether you have spent years reading his near-countless books and commentaries, or have never even heard of the man before, this Advent Devotional is the perfect chance to spend the month before Christmas drinking deep from the writing on Tom Wright.

Be transformed this Advent by the lives of the Apostles who, after encountering Jesus, were themselves transformed.

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