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Always great to be on Premier

On Wednesday the 22nd I recorded my second round of 'Though of the Day' on for Premier Radio, also played out on Premier Praise.

It was a challenge to get my head around only speaking 250-word segment - it usually takes me that long to say good morning!.

What a privilege though to speak to over a million listeners (mainly Christian) and pose a thought, a question, make someone think.

Fortunately, I have recorded quite a bit of radio over the years, so nerves didn't get the better of me, what did though what how I write sentences. It's one thing to write something to read, it's another to write to speak. So a few blubs later, It was all done. Three of the five without edits, two needing a bit of work.

I'll never take these moments for granted as in one interview you can literally reach thousands of people.

Premier is one of the two biggest Christian radio stations in the UK holding a National DAB license and a London license. They have a great mix of debate, interview and of course music. just visit

My Thought of the Days will be broadcast on Premier Monday to Friday 3rd to 7th February.

Please pray they touch the heart of those listening. Thanks.

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