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Updated: Jan 6, 2019

This time last year I was just starting a Sabbatical, working mornings only. It was a mixture of too many years doing 60-70 hours per week, travel, moving house, coeliacs disease, and a unrealised vitamin B12 deficiency.

I was worried about the projects we had, about income, how could I afford the time off, I was also worried about feeling guilty and getting bored.

A year later, I feel much more refreshed and focussed. I shouldn't have worried as adding walking, more reading, sometimes sleeping, praying and joining a gym into the equation of life - its been a great experience.

Did I learn more - yes, a lot more about myself, what drives me, and when you have to decide what to do in a shorter time period, it's amazing the decisions you make, what you give up and what becomes a priority.

There were very many 'friendships' through the year, that have fallen away, the old adage of being 'out of sight = out of mind', is so true. I focussed on remaining in contact with the people that wanted to remain in contact with me, while I was less useful to them.

For everyone that enabled me to do this in my 25th anniversary of Ministry - a BIG Thank You, especially to my wife Rebekah, who returned to part time medicine to supplement our family income.

I nearly ended the year without getting on a plane, which would have been the first time that happened in 25 years, but ended up going to see some friends in South Africa for a week, before our family holiday to Malta.

If you are thinking about doing a sabbatical and have any questions, I'd be more than happy to give you my thoughts on the experience, drop me a line.

This post is part of the daily blog - Memoirs of a Skinny Welshman, by Carl Brettle.


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