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Brexit and how to pray - a perspective

Whether you are Labour, Conservative, Liberal Democrat, SNP, UKIP, DUP or Plaid Cymru, we are facing the biggest change and challenge to our Democracy since the Second World War.

If I'm honest, I have not been very impressed by any of the political voices over the last year or so on this subject. The Pro-Brexiteers whipped up as much scaremongering as they could and the remain camp is doing everything in their power, to keep as much of the legal relationship between the UK and Europe intact as possible.

I had to ask the question of how we lost so much of our Sovereignty in the first place ?

What started off as the common market, a trading relationship where free trade could exist across countries within the same continent, the public at the time would never had thought that joining would have meant an erosion of our legal, economic and manufacturing/farming independence.

We can't turn the clock back and my goodness, I certainly wouldn't want to be the Prime Minister right now. The pressures from the left, the right, those who want to break away from the UK and of course the EU itself must be overwhelming.

For sure there doesn't seem to be a clear way forward that 'everyone' would or could get behind.

So without getting political, I've decided to take the plunge and write up some prayer points on the matter. I've written a Brexit Prayer at the end of the post. Please feel free to use these where ever you can - just if you would please credit

We'd be barking mad to think what ever the outcome of the parliamentary vote, will solve the problem. Whether a compromise with Brussels, a backstop, further negiotaion or even a hard Brexit. One thing is for sure, we need to pray.

I came up with these three simple points followed by a prayer.

1) Let's pray for those in authority in our country, regardless of their political persuasion. Why not drop your MP, MEP, AM, SMP, an email to say just that, that you are praying for them, their family and for God's wisdom in their decision making. (1 Tim 2:2)

2) Pray that everyone involved in the process would put the interests of the country first. That politics, deal making, celebrity or even revenge would take second place to maintenance of sovereignty and the future aspirations of our family of Nations. (2 Chronicles 7:14)

3) That we would in everything we do seek to be a blessing to those around us. Not to inflame argument or cast judgement, but to try and encourage and build up where ever we can. (Romans :12:4)

A Prayer for Brexit

Almighty God, we call on you today to help our Nation during this crucial time of decision.

We pray wisdom and guidance for our elected politicians at this time,

That they would lay down every vain ambition for the sake of our family of Nations.

Lord, let grace and mercy overcome any bad choices we make, and as we humble ourselves before you, we ask that you Lord, would exalt Great Britain once again to be a Strong, Sovereign Nation, willing extend an arm of friendship and help to so many countries around the world.

Let your will be done during this time of Brexit we pray in Jesus name. Amen

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Good post, but it ignores the lying from Remain and the EU about things like the EU army as well as groups such as Economists from Brexit - leading economists from UK universities who appeared on the BBC and other news channels to debate the economic costs of both leaving and remaining in the EU. They did not, and are not, whipped up as much scaremongering than they could - by using such broad terms you do them and yourself an injustice. I would also encourage people to pray that whatever happens extremism will not be able to grow stronger, whether far right or far left and liberal.


Carl you say we have to pray "let your will be done during this time of Brexit". God only has one will. He is not undecided or unsure so why not ask Him what His will is and then tell us. If you really can't hear from God yourself (which I really don't believe) then listen to what the prophets of God are saying who do hear. Let me be clear this isn't about my opinion or your opinion or anyone else's opinion. This is purely about what God is saying with the spirit of the prophets subject to the prophets.


Hi Carl,

Thanks for your perspective. We certainly need perspective, and different standpoints help, not hinder. So I'm just giving, what for those who know of me and my work, will be expected of course! Which is that I believe sovereignty is the problem (see my book The Fall of the Church and so from my perspective the last thing I want to pray is for "Great Britain once again to be a Strong, Sovereign Nation". While I regret the Brexit vote, I do see the possibly of redemption and for a new humble servant politics of love to fill the space. See my article What Are the Politics of Love?



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