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Can I recommend Stronger 2021

A good friend Matt Hogg is running an amazing conference right now. You can register for free.

We've been working behind the scenes to help bring 'Stronger 2021' to as many people as possible. This conference is amazing, bringing together over 100 key Christian leaders across six distinct tracks, for five weeks and we're pleased to say it's free. I got to interview the conference organiser Matt Hogg, to view that interview Click Here.

If you would like to register for any of the sessions : Click Here

Sessions include contributions from : Nicky Gumbel, Krish Kandiah, Andrew White, Carl Brettle (Me!), Jonathan Oloyede, Steve & Angie Campbell, Amy Orr-Ewing, Graham Tomlin, Carl Knightly, Jill Duff, J John, Paul Cowley, Ben Jones, Matt Bird, Jo Saxton, Chine McDonald and many many more. If you think your Church Leadership team might be blessed by this, please let them know the website

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Corey Barnett
Corey Barnett
Sep 25, 2022

Appreciate thiis blog post

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