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Catching up with Roy at Ffald y Brenin

Updated: Apr 26, 2019

It has been such a long time since I last caught up with Roy Godwin at Ffald Y Brenin.

The very first time we met, Roy & Daphne were travelling to Ffald Y Brenin for an interview to become the couple who ran the retreat centre. No one could have guessed at that point the extent of God's outpouring to come.

It was the turn of the new Millennium and I had recently launched the 'Million Hours of Prayer for Wales' campaign. When Roy & Daphne dropped by after being introduced by Peter Leavers, they came to my mothers house and my tiny (12 x 6 ft) bedroom, for a chat - there was no glamour, no pretence and certainly no frills !!

We had a lovely time and I felt the Holy Spirit whisper to me give them some money, so I asked them if I could catch a ride to Neath, so I could go to the ATM. Of course I didn't know they had no money and their prayer as they stopped by was, if we get a gift here, we can put enough petrol in the car to actually get to Ffald Y Brenin. It's amazing how God works.

When I got to Neath and popped my card in the ATM, there was £10 available, it was all I had, which became all they needed.

As they drove away, I had that feeling of knowing, however little I helped, I had done what God said to do, then I walked home.

There is a lot of water under the bridge now, and I remember after a couple of years of them being there, the wonderful stories of God moving. When Roy wrote the first edition of the Grace Outpouring I was delighted to write one of the endorsements.

Seeing what God is doing now, through the centre, the Local Houses of Prayer, the Blessing Course etc. I just stand in awe.

Sometimes God can use us in the simplest, yet most profound way. Don't ever overlook a whisper of the Holy Spirit. The result of what He can do with your little, might be missed and people might not be blessed in the same way as when you did listen.

So take care to heed the whisper and act on is said, it might just change your life and impact Nations in the years that follow.

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