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Climbing Mount Everest AT HOME

Updated: Apr 28, 2020

Starting 1st May, Rebekah and I are climbing Everest.... We'll the equivalent of the climb by going up and downstairs 3,105 times (We have a slightly longer staircase than the the average). That's 884,800 centimetres of climbing, the same total height of Everests 8,848m summit

We're raising money for Neighbourhood Prayer Network, if you would like to sponsor us, please Click Here.


I saw someone on Facebook say there were doing the equivalent up and downstairs to climbing Snowden some 7,120 steps of the stairs, equivalent to the 1,085-meter peak.

I was inspired to think about this because of the ever-increasing waistline I experience during the lockdown.

I'm looking at this as Everest was on my bucket list, but as time goes by, unless I do it via my stairs I'll never at least be able to say I've done something equivalent. My good friend Gareth Killa reached above the peak of Everest by flying over it in a plane !! He cheats I feel.

So I'm thinking while I can't go to Nepal and am in no condition to physically climb the largest frozen mountain on earth, I could try the stairs instead.

I'm probably going to do this to raise money for one of our charities.

If you want to get involved and do something equivalent you wanted to climb, here are the details you need to know.

I don't know when over the summer I'll do this and I still need to research how long the normal expedition would last for a person climbing Everest.

It's all fun during the Covid Lockdown, but will probably bring some health benefits, if it doesn't kill me.....

I'll post updates on the blog to keep you informed.

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