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Comfort Zones

People I respect have always challenged me about moving out of my comfort zone. Something I took to heart in my mid twenties and now something which is actually quite difficult to do.

I guess the strap line ‘Getting out of your comfort zone‘, was intended to help Church and ministry leaders motivate people who they thought weren’t doing enough. I’m sure there are plenty of people out there where that applies.

However, over the years, I found myself pushing myself to do anything I could to serve God, from helping to run the youth group, to prayer ministry, driving the Church minibus, to overseas mission, then over 300 ministry projects over a 26 year period. I haven’t lived in my ‘comfort zone’. Don’t get me wrong, it is an utter privilege to help someone reach their potential in God’s Kingdom

These days though, most of the folk I have worked with in 26 years of ministry are over stretched not under stretched and there is a lot of work being done to mobilise the millennials in particular, who want a cause to rally around.

If I look at my own Church, most people are involved in something, Audio Visual Stuff, Social Media, Presentation, Kids work, Men’s Ministry, Silver Liners, Worship Team, Speaking Team, Deacons, Elders, Communion Servers, Welcomers - you get the picture. I know in our own Church around 80% are engaged, with 20% needing to move out of their comfort zone.

So perhaps this phrase needs to have an update. Perhaps it needs to be looked at from a different angle. What if it meant self improvement, or learning a new skill, or doing something you were previously scared of like sharing your testimony or public speaking ?

I found this little graphic on Facebook and thought, this is a good tool to help anyone understand roughly where they are and where they could be, in terms of not doing enough or even doing a bit too much.

My like has so far been packed full of out of comfort service, every night and most weekends, but now with a family, I enjoy being with my boy (and of course wife). It’s nice not to do too many weekends and it’s prudent to keep health on it’s good side.

Each Christmas, I kind of review all the things I’m doing, what isn’t working and what is flying. That always brings about some changes. So I think each year, I’ll look at this graphic and include this into my evaluation of where I’ll place my effort.

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