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Day of Prayer for Britain

David Hathaway is calling for a Day of Prayer for Britain. Believing that intercession will break the gridlock of Brexit. If you are able to get along the SSE Arena in Wembley on Saturday 26th January, please do so. You can book tickets by Clicking Here.

From a recent ministry email he writes.

Dear Prayer Partners

I was in Parliament yesterday – what utter chaos! But in the committee room upstairs we were praying powerfully for God to intervene and there was a sense that God is more than willing to answer. The problem is not just that Theresa May’s deal was defeated – we all knew that would happen – but the fact that after 2½ years of planning not one of the political parties has a way forward. Some are suggesting at this late stage a series of mini votes to find a suitable plan!

Britain has not been in such a critical situation for hundreds of years, it’s worse than the last war, because the nation is so divided, not into two camps but dozens, it’s almost destroying our democracy. Some fear a complete civil breakdown if we don’t leave the EU on March 29th. This is why, it is critical that as many of you as possible come to Wembley in 10 days’ time, as only Christians at prayer will solve the problem. God has an answer but only you and I are in a position to ask (in prayer) and know the answer. Surely God is in this. The real problem is that the nation has rejected God, and this is our one in a million chance to bring the nation back to God. For me as an evangelist, this is the most powerful way to bring a whole nation to its knees. God works through miracles and Britain needs a miracle, so in Wembley on Saturday 26th (only 10 days’ time), I KNOW that God will answer us and make a way! 

I’ve seen it happen in my life, whether Dunkirk, the Battle of Britain, or my twice being healed from cancer, and my release from the communist prison in the same Biblical way that Paul and Silas were set free 2,000 years ago. God will give us a miracle, and God (and Britain) need you. We must intercede together, and I KNOW that the God of Elijah will answer. I’m not looking at prayer on March 28/29 – we need it NOW! I KNEW what would happen and that’s why God put January 26th on my heart.

We have not yet filled the Arena and need much more support – influential persons may be present – but we have to have an answer which MUST COME OUT OF WEMBLEY! It will NOT come from the politicians! Please come and bring your friends, tickets will be available at the door, but if you buy on the internet in advance you will save the inevitable queue. 

From my heart, I need your support

David Hathaway

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