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Fertility - the side benefits.

I found myself this morning on a 5am Skype call with Rebekah to a nutritionist in Australia. All part of our pursuit to have a second child.

Don't get me wrong, after the miracle of the first child Reuben, we've been trying to conceive again - so far only miscarriages have been the reward of trying.

We looked at everything and we've done one round of IVF. It's often tough to read how people defend the rights of adults who decide to abort their unborn child upto 24 weeks in the womb, for the sake of lifestyle and convenience when there are hundreds of thousands of people out there, who for one reason or another, have not been able to deliver their own child.

The latest thing we're trying is to improve diet, remove chemical exposure and live healthier lives. We've often been told, eating organic would be way too expensive, but then cooking fresh is so much nicer and beneficial.

Mine and Rebekah's asthma has cleared, she is now off all inhalers, after reducing dairy in our diet. Energy levels are up. Skin tone better.

We only now use plant-based cleaning products, we don't store any fruit or veg in plastics, we never eat processed food any more, we drink filtered water and avoid tea and coffee.

Maybe it that time in life to re-evaluate and even if we don't conceive the choices we are making now, will help our long term health.

The biggest challenge we face is the hurdle of the impact of stress on our lives from all the various things we do. Yet we continue to pray, listen to worship music, enjoy friendships and try all we can to relax.

You can guess the other side benefits.....

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