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First time on a train in two years !!

It was quite an exciting experience to be on a train again. Two days of meetings in London will always do the trick.

With petrol prices as they are, parking, congestion charge, let alone the fact I can work on a train but can't in a car - it was a no brainer to take the train.

It was surreal to be fair, very quiet on the way to Paddington, but very busy on the way back. I paid an extra £25 to go first class, and am so glad I did, free wifi, free snacks, quieter carriage - you just have to find the cheapest off-peak time slot which for me meant traveling up at 13:35 pm and back the next day, leaving London before 4 pm.

The way pricing is going for cars, I do think public transport as we come out of Covid, will be more and more the preferred option for people.

A new addition to GWR's service to London was a Pullman restaurant, which although I didn't partake, mainly because two courses were an unjustifiable £30, the smells coming through the carriage made it very tempting.

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