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From one to three.

Since April last year, Rebekah and I have been actively focused on adopting one or more children.

After a lunch I had with Krish Kandiah in 2015, who presented at the time his 'Home for Good Book' when he gave it to me - he didn't let it go, he said, Carl please do read this, there is such need.

Sometimes when people take such prophetic actions, we have to heed them, even if the destiny of the moment takes years to accomplish.

Rebekah was there way before me in adoption, but God had been sowing seeds toward this in my life before her, it's an oxymoron statement, but true nonetheless.

The journey has been such an eye-opener to what goes on with families in desperate situations, or abuse or deprivation, we've gone all over the place to learn to find out the best way forward. The Wirral, Nottingham, Manchester, Bristol, and London, to end up finding the children for the best outcome in life for them from our little family.

Pleased to say from today, we have achieved our dream almost one year to the day from starting.

We won't of course give details of the kids here online, suffice to say, we are delighted but would ask you to pray for the months ahead, for settling and growth in our slightly larger family.

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