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Good to be back at UCB

Albeit just for the day, it was lovely to come go and share the Vision of Neighbourhood Prayer Network (NPN), live on UCB 1 with Paul Hammond, and then my story, live on UCB 2 with Ruth O'Reilly-Smith.

It's been over three years since I left my role at UCB, to take up chasing after the 100m vision.

During my seven years at UCB I used to do a regular update with Paul Hammond on the resources UCB had developed at that time.

Particularly with me having a sabbatical last year, I haven't done any broadcast work now for nearly eighteen months, so it would lovely to exercise the vocal chords and get back into the swing of it again. Folk have often said, I have a great face for Radio !!

It's a busy week this week, which started with a NPN website refresh, then an Interview the BBC Northampton on Sunday, and solving problems with NPN's mapping system on Monday & Tuesday, slotting in a Brexit chat with James at Transworld Radio, before Heading to UCB yesterday.

Today I'm in the office catching up (back in Wales), tommorrow in Birmingham, Friday & Saturday back home, then Sunday, early morning radio with BBC again this time serving, Jersey, Guernsey, Kent and then awaiting confirmation of Oxford, Manchester and Leicester, before speaking at the morning Service at Biddeford Baptist Church. Quite a week of Media.

I'll be posting all the links to all these radio pieces on the NPN Website, here's the link if you would like to listen to any.

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