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Great Leadership Summary

It's not often you come across something which so encapsulates what a leader should be and is a short summary reminder of the points I could improve in my own life. Chuck Swindoll, does an excellent job here.

The ministry is an interesting place, where over the years I experienced great joy and sadness. Received great benefit and been very much taken advantage of.

Most people do ministry to serve God by helping others. Extending a hand to the needy, providing an ear to the hurting and lonely. There are often long hours, soul searching and endless effort needed to make progress.

It seems in our awesome, superb, amazing world of ministry these days which is full of lights, camera and action. It's easy to forgot the sacrifice of the ones gone before. The efforts made by some to influence our life to serve others. The example of the few to demonstrate humility or even repentance when things go wrong.

When I read this, I just want to do better, I want to get on my knees and pray a bit more. I want to keep my ego more in check and make sure my sacrifice is not about reward.

I hope I never forget this, I might even get it frame and keep it on my desk. Long may these simple principles be alive in our hearts as we serve God and those around us in ministry each day.

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