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Happy Birthday Reuben

I still remember vividly the moment Reuben was born. Rebekah went through a three-day delivery and things were looking very difficult toward the end of the process.

Happy after an almighty push, Reuben was delivered. Cord cut, cleaned off and then resting on mummy's chest, I just said 'Reuben' he lifted his head, opened his eyes and looked straight at me. I was truly an amazing experience.

What made it all the more special is that Rebekah and I thought we would never have children. It was a prayer time in the shower where I heard God saying 'You will have a son, call his name Reuben'.

You then have to live through that kind of word. Two miscarriages, lots of bad advice, people telling me I was crazy to believe that when faced with the evidence. Even when Rebekah did carry and shortly before the first scan, several people including in my own family said, the way she was carrying it was bound to be a girl......

At the scan we asked the sex of the child, a boy she said, and I proclaimed - his name will be Reuben.

In the months after that Rebekah and I would often sit in the evening and talk to Reuben while he was still inside. I guess, I was a familiar voice, once he was born.

He's was six today and we're so proud of him. He's loving, caring, attentive and has a wonderful sense of humour.

Last week he also became the student of the week in school, he was on cloud nine. Thanks to everyone who knew us and prayed during the period of life when we sought to have a child. Reuben is truly a product of your prayer.

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