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Have a Blessed Christmas & New Year

I'm ending a year of half time Sabbatical. It hasn't worked every day, but I've tried my best to finish by 1pm each day. Spent the afternoon walking, reading, occasionally sleeping and doing a fair amount of research.

This time last year I was headlong into burnout. I never thought it would happen to me, but I'd been burning the candle at three ends or far too long.

So as we reach the end of the year, I'm praying that each and everyone of you would find some peace and time to switch off, time to reflect, time to laugh and time to be thankful. I pray that your 2019 will be full of blessing, rich in mercy and grace and you will laugh your way through the year.

We all need encouragement, so let's try and encourage everyone we come across and we make our way into next year.

Blessings at Christmas


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