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How much Pocket Money should we give Reuben ?

As kids we never had pocket money. We did paper rounds, odd jobs here and there and got paid for it.

It's come up in disucssion of late as to whether we give Reuben pocket money, would he have to earn it and what would he be required to pay for if he did get it.

I know Rebekah was saying that she got an allowance (a bit more than pocket money) when she was younger, but out of that she had to cover some of her own costs, buying clothes etc. He mother was teaching her to save, to budget and spend carefully.

There are even apps out now like Go Henry, which allow a parent to control the child's spending using a smart phone - the child getting a debit card at the age of six - not sure about that... The chart below is an average of what people are giving their children, no strings attached for pocket money.

So what are your thoughts about it - comments on this post on my Facebook Page please.

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