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Impacting your community with prayer

Coming into 2019, you might be wondering how can I impact my community with prayer.

Last year we produced the 'Community Prayer Diary', a booklet which helps you map out, who is doing what around you. It covers almost every aspect of what makes a community work.

Hundreds of people and Churches used this great resource last year.

To order this for you or your Church - Click Here

The idea is simple, finding out the name of the doctor, dentist, school teachers that serve the community and if possible let them know you are praying for them by name each week.

The Community Prayer Diary has a list of different aspects of your community each day, and then a list in that day of roles different people play with a blank space next to it, to fill in the name next to it.

A number of Churches have adopted this prayer diary, with the whole congregation finding out who is doing what in the community and praying for them. We've had some great stories of how Christians have taken flowers, chocolates and cards to people, and just said thank you and 'we're praying for you'.

To encourage folk to pray for their community this year, we've reduced the price of this prayer resource by 30%. Let us know if you do this and the outcome of your prayers.

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