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Insane 5G speeds in London

With my swanky new iPhone 13 in hand, I handed even thought about using 5G for the first time.

I just happened to notice it clicked in on the train as we approached Cardiff, then again Bristol, Reading, and of course London.

I must say it's very patchy to use, you can literally walk 10 paces and you are back to 4G again, but if you lived in a 5G hotspot (which seems to be about 20m in circumference LOL), you could jettison your home broadband (if you had unlimited data) and just live off that, the way things are going it seems.

When I did stop to get a coffee in Victoria Railway station, the speed was the highest than at any other point in the trip, a blistering 271.9 mbs, you could literally download a whole movie in 10 or so seconds. Any latency (how quickly you connect to the internet) was almost zero, basically instant.

Unfortunately, it's taking ages for phone companies to roll this out as basically they need around 10 times the number of aerials as they did with the 4G system, so it's highly unlikely you'll get any 5G in rural areas as they are unlikely to make that kind of investment to such a low rural population.

So top tip if you are in a big city and want to use 5G, find a cafe, move around inside the said cafe and when you find that sweet spot, move your table to it, and, drink coffee there all day to enjoy the blistering speed.

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