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Is Jesus a Key Worker ?

It's been interesting to hear that Nichola Sturgeon as deemed Father Christmas a Key Worker.

Coming from Wales, It made me wonder whether Jesus is also as essential and key as Father Christmas ?

In Wales, Churches are now closed again for two weeks, even though there are multiple arguments that Faith helps mental capacity and health, Churches help community cohesion and provides a tangible saving to government coffers as per the recent study done on the benefit of CofE Churches to society. Some £12.4 billion pounds per year across 16,000 CofE Churches.

If you take that to the whole Church, using the same equation. With 47,000 Churches in the UK, the whole Church contributes £36.4 billion pounds a year of social benefit.

Now is the greatest time of using community benefit hubs (Churches) than ever before. Foodbanks came from the Church, CAP centres, came from the Church, Redeeming our Communities, came from the Church, I could go on and on.

I am not political in nature, but a question, why would the government remove the ability of people to gather as a Church, when there are so many provisions elsewhere.

I believe Jesus is the biggest, essential, key worker in my life, my family, on my street and in my community. The message of Christ is servanthood and faith, an anchor in the storms of life - the political point - When there is a crisis, the Church is and always has been a massive influence to freedom, freedom from depression, freedom from anxiety, freedom to normality.


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