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Do you Drag or do you Push ?

Updated: Mar 10, 2019

Here are 10 things which don't cost anything, to help you stand out from the rest. Don't go with the can't be bothered flow - make a difference.

I loved this illustration when I saw it the other day. It's actually a list that has been doing the rounds for a few years in coaching circles. It's kind of Coaching advice 101.

Over the years my personal journey has covered all of these points, I certainly haven't been work shy, in fact the opposite has been true, I've probably over done it a fair bit. I guess that work ethic came from growing up in an active family where my parents and grandparents had to go the extra mile just to make thing work. In their world, wasting anything was bad news, under promising and over delivering was the norm. If you gave them a job to do, they would do the job and then some. If they walked down the street and saw something wasn't right, if they could fix it they would. It was all part of growing up.

The last few years I've noticed a trend of 'No I not doing that' and I'm not picking on millennials. The list in the picture below is being eroded our culture is creating an alternative list like this:-

1) I'll be there when I'm ready

2) I can't finish the job I have an appointment somewhere

3) Its too hard - I can't do it

4) I didn't get much sleep so don't expect much today

5) I'll sit which ever way I want to

6) I'm Tired, can you do it

7) I've done all this and you want me to do what ?

8) I know you gave me the thing, but I forgot it

9) I'll have you know I have got a degree, have you ?

10) Do you know who my Father is

While we might laugh, these are ten actual lines I've been told in the last five years by various people I've worked with.

The Zero Talent principle is not something to look down at people with, it's a base line of commitment and desire, which would show an employer or leader in ministry if you really want to do something.

In any generation, in fact society there are always shooting starts. What I mean by that is, people who are so fired up that they cut their path inspite of everything. I blogged the other day about William Kamkwamba the boy who solved the water shortage when people in his village were dying because of the drought, he was 11 at the time.

If I were to put a number on those you have to drag along for the time they are with you compared to those who help you push forward it's probably 40% drag and 60% push even after interviews and the selection process. In a life of an organisation that's huge. Interestingly those that drag in my experience want more money, have more breaks, take more sick days and ask for more holidays than those that push.

Most of the time draggers complain and pushers encourage - it's just fact over time.

I know that's harsh, but it's my experience.

I never want to loose sight of what I can do, that costs no money to push a vision, project, ministry or company forward. What about you ?

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