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Krish Kandiah

This guy messed with my head & heart so much, life is now taking a completely different direction.

Several years ago while I was at UCB as Ministry Director, Krish came to visit and we hand lunch, at the end, he gave me a copy of his new book at the time, Home for Good. As I received it he held onto it, looked me in the eye and then said, Carl, please tell me you'll read it.

To be honest, it sat on the bookshelf for a few months, but as I left UCB I picked it up and read it, and now a while later we are in the process of adopting children.

For me, if Krish hadn't done that, taken those steps, was so intentional, we might not be on this journey today.

It was great to meet up with him in London recently and tell him the story face to face, there might have been a tear or two in my eyes there.

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