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Like it or not - it's Brexit Day

I try where ever possible to be non-political, I would rather encourage and build people than polarise. There are very many sincere, active and vocal members of the debate - without me adding much of my own voice to it.

Recently I've been doing a lot of Secular and Christian Media as well as touching into Government to represent the work of NPN members across the country and how they are touching the lives of the people on their street. During all of this activity, meeting, talking, sharing, encouraging - I've met so many great people. Mostly I find people who find themselves in places of conviction are usually there because they wanted to bring positive change or represent change to a wide body or people, in many cases a whole Nation.

My conviction is Christ-centred so standing up within the context of huge differences of view, still trying to carry a message of love and hope is tough some times. Yet that seems to be where I am and Neighbourhood Prayer Network seems to be called at this moment in time.

Brexit is an expression of our Nation that won a referendum. We shouldn't, however, isolate or ridicule those who chose a different path. We still need to live in the same family, the same street, work in the same workplace and go to the same Church.

My prayer is that healing will now take place within the Nation, the inevitable happened democracy was upheld. The process created huge issues and divisions that we now have the opportunity to fix.

As Britain leans back toward its sovereignty, we must also focus on our country neighbours in countries across the rest of Europe. While our divided country tries to reconcile its feelings, hurt and hopes, European people, across the whole continent will be trying to do the same.

Tomorrow, some of us will boil a kettle made in Germany, eat Cheese still made in France, go out in our nearest town for an Italian meal and still plan to holiday somewhere in Greece. The point is, not much in day to day life will immediately change.

The bigger figures in the old testament seemed quite focussed on how the Nations rose and fell, lots of prophets, lots of perspectives. In our modern world, let's get on with it, let's live life, celebrate now the countries near us, who are more friends than family in this new era.

The best thing we can do is Love God and Love people no matter if they are Welsh, English, Scottish, Northern Irish, Manc, or from any of the countries bought into the Union we just left. People are still people and love is still love.

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