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Lost in Translation

Updated: Feb 10, 2019

It's so funny looking back at moments when words meant something completely different to what you intended.

About eight years ago I did one of the many trips I've made to Uganda. I'd spent hours preparing a message in the Keynote spot I had in Pearl Haven Christian Centre, Mbale.

The message called 'Until...' would (in my view, be a rally cry of thanks for all that God had done. Until we surrendered our lives to Jesus, we couldn't be born again. Until Jesus conquered sin on the cross, we couldn't be reconciled to God. Until we stepped out in faith, we wouldn't see miracles... I had a list of 100 until's...

I did notice the many in the 800 strong congregation, with a confused look on their faces, but thought, I need to push in here, I need to get my point across. It was only the following day Peter Wooding (who travelled with us) suggested the interpreter (I guess because of my Welsh accent) thought I was saying Ant-Hill, not until.

We laughed, and laughed...... it certainly explained the confused faces.

We can get Lost in Translation in so many situations in life, some funny, some frustrating, so beneficial and others not. I guess it's what you do in the outcome that matters - Enjoy the journey of life - it will all work out in the end.

I've found a collection of Lost in Translation photographs - which are hillarious, to see more visit.

Have a great day.

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