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Love the new iPad Pro

Updated: Jan 12, 2019

I love new tech especially when it’s faster and more intuitive.

When I moved to apple products some years back it was a calculated move. I compared boot up time, time to load applications, time taken to finish tasks. Not to mention always on, built in virus checker, battery length and portability.

I calculated those 14 years ago, that I would save around 300 hours per year, which more than paid for the price increase. Looking back their products also lasted two and a half times longer than my experience of the PC equivalent.

All that said, I am making the same kind of decision on this high spec iPad Pro. I tried out the first iPad Pro large edition but it was heavy and with the added keyboard case, almost the weight of a laptop without the power.

What they have done with this new edition, with the power, the size reduction, the screen resolution and the reduced weight will probably remove me needing a laptop all together.

The Memory is sufficient to hold movies, photos apps etc. I use Dropbox to access my files in the cloud and office on the iPad to edit, can’t wait for Adobe products to fully migrate.

So if you are looking for a product that’s more powerful than a laptop, but more mobile than a Desktop choose this. The price will be recovered in time savings and the fact it’s like to last more than double the life of your last pc laptop.


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