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Lovely Interview on the Beeb today

I'm working my way around the 39 BBC Regional Radio stations. It was lovely today to spend time on BBC Radio Manchester.

Mike Shaft the presenter is a veteran BBC presenter, who was asking the question this Sunday morning - does Prayer work ?

In my own work leading Neighbourhood Prayer Network, it was lovely to answer that alongside Terry Durose, a great friend and the CEO of Manchester City Mission.

You usually know pretty quickly on a live interview if the presenter is 'in to' the conversation. It can be as short as 4 minutes or in the case of Manchester a full 10 minutes of live radio.

It's also lovely to tell some of the stories of folk in the network, who have seen answers to prayer over time.

Media is definitely the way forward, whether print, radio or TV, as just doing this one interview put our message in front of 203,000 people in that area of the country.

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