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Lovely time doing Radio this morning

When I first became a Christian I never envisaged I would be doing the rounds of the 39 BBC Local Radio Stations - Northamptonshire, Kent, Guernsey & Jersey, Teeside, London, Sheffield, Coventry & Warwickshire, Merseyside, Humberside and Cambridgeshire (9 down 30 to go).

I had a great conversation recently with Helen Jones in Merseyside, who was really interested in Neighbourhood Prayer Network.

If I'm honest, I've found the BBC to be very open to our Christian message of Praying for, Caring for and Sharing Faith with Neighbours.

When I first went to UCB (well before being a director there), they had in part, a copy of the original Charter of the BBC's governing document hung on the wall in reception. I remember reading them, and everyone came from a Christian perspective. They are long gone now from their Christian roots, but my experiences recently is of an organisation helping to promote the Christian values we promote.

Neighbourhood Prayer Network is seeking to find a person on or adopting a street in the UK and to take spiritual responsibility for it. All 260,000 streets.

Here is one of the interviews I've done recently, BBC Radio Merseyside - to listen Click Here.

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