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Man Flu

Updated: Jan 6, 2019

It's never the best to have flu over the holiday period. I was fortunate enough to avoid Christmas day, but Boxing Day, I felt like I'd been run over by a truck.

In amongst the banging headache, earache, sickness and diarrhea there was a mild comfort in the amount of sleep I accrued in the last three or four days.

Of course this hardened Welshman like so man others milked it for all its worth. Man Flu by title, Man flu by nature.

Wifey, son and Mother in Law have gone off to Huddersfield to visit some friends, and I'm here very slowly getting over the symptoms, bored, so I thought I would share the details....

This post is part of the daily blog - Memoirs of a Skinny Welshman, by Carl Brettle.



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