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Marriage described.

I've heard many times the order in which people should place themselves in a Christian marriage, this graphic looks at it well.

This brought the memory of my marriage vowed flowing back to mind when I saw this. Then I realised that the vows themselves are fairly equally balances. They don't really reflect this kind of outline, and in a world of sexual equality it would be interesting to see how many females reading this would appreciate being places in the third rung of the pecking of the family.

However if you are looking at the Bible, there is very much this framework. This leads to a lot of question the Husbands responsibility and whether He is doing that well.

We have a traditional sense in the West, as is the case with this graphic, that the Husband provides. In our house my wife working as a part time GP, provides more than I do, yet is she supposed to give that up and put more pressure on me to provide ?

What does 'Lead the Family' mean, when the wife is supposed to Teach ?

We live in a world where increasingly parents are trying to work things out together and make joint decisions, so I wonder if this view of marriage still holds strong in the 21st century - what do you think ?

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