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Married 9 years

While the ceremony of our Marriage was amazing, so many friends from the UK and around the world, it was the Honeymoon, which has long last memory. We had a fabulous time together and in nature, taking a cruise to Alaska.

We just asked friends and family not to buy us gifts, we had plenty of stuff, getting married a little later in life. So they blessed us so much we managed to get a once in a lifetime experience a 10-day visit to the Alaskan coast.

Our marriage day which was led by John Bullock and Debra Green in Ivy Manchester was brilliant. We had people friends from all over the place come together - it was a beautiful day. The next morning we left for London to catch a flight to Vancouver, the start of a 10 day cruise holiday upto Alaska and eventually back down to San Diego, where we drove back to LAX before returning to the UK.

I took this photo of the Hubbard Glacier in 25 pictures and then stitched it together. We later took a helicopter ride onto the top of the glacier and walked around a bit, it was incredible.

Seeing Nature, the dramatic scenery and the sheer scale of creation is awe-inspiring and brings a level of thanks to God that I hadn't felt before.

I often go on a memory holiday to this place, to just reflect and wonder and all that God has done.

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