May the 4th be with you.

Although the film was released on 27th Dec 1977, I didn't get to see the original Star Wars until it was broadcast on BBC One, on October 24th, 1982. The five years in between meant nothing, I just didn't know it had been released.

When I first saw this intergalactic film on a 30" cathode ray tube television, I was mesmerized - the imagery, the storyline, the character development, sparked my 12 yr old mind like nothing I had seen before.

These days the film franchise of Star Wars is a household name, particularly when George Lucas sold Lucas Films to Disney for just over four billion dollars.

Obviously, the date is a pun on the phrase 'May the Force be with you', but it reminds us of fond film-watching memories of more than a dozen films in the franchise.

So friends, enjoy the day and make sure to watch your favourite film in the world of Star Wars.


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