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My 2021 Prayer

Can Invite you to submit your prayer for 2021 ?

We thought it would benefit Christians across the UK to know and understand the hope and faith of our collective prayers for 2021.

This is a project of Neighbourhood Prayer Network.

Leaders and members of the Christian public are already submitting video recorded prayers, would you ? We'll create a mosaic of prayers on

Follow the instructions below to submit your 2021 prayer.

Once you submit the form we want you to record and send us your video.

The video should be no more than 2 minutes when done. You can record it on a mobile phone, but make sure the mobile is on its side (landscape) when recording, also, please make sure the video isn't shaky and the room is well lit.

There are three parts to the video

1). Say your Name and Title of your organisation if there is one, don't worry you can send a prayer as an individual no problem.

2). Describe your 2021 Prayer.

3). Pray your 2021 Prayer.

Register your prayer by Clicking Here

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