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My blog is read around the world

I was so surprised to read the stats this morning.

Writing has become part of my life for a decade now and the musings of this little Welshman are going all over - I was shocked, to be honest.

I know I have met a lot of people over the years and travelled extensively.

It's been amazing that so many people have stayed in touch, we have literally walked life's journey together.

Each small dot represents 23 people that have viewed the blog over the last year, the largest dot represents thousands of people.

In my down moments when I write stuff that I don't think people read or an encouragement that seems to fall on deaf years, hasn't been true, I've been too hard on myself thinking, that what I write doesn't have the impact I prayed it would.

The truth is if this blog was a Church it would huge, the problem is people would have to fly in each Sunday LOL.

Every Continent, over 50% of the countries on the planet, and people from over 700 cities have read in the last year.

I am just so humbled to see after a few years this blossom.

Bless you, as you read and thank you for listening to the musings of this little Welshman.

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