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New Heaven Booklet - Resource

Tony Cunliffe has taken the bold step to share a beautiful testimony of the salvation of his mother in her latter years.

The main aim is to explain to a non-Christian, what a Christian believes, particularly about Heaven and how to get there.

The book tells the story of:

How Tony’s mum became a Christian at 87.

His spiritual journey from the Catholic Church to No church to a Protestant church.

What Tony believes the Bible teaches about Heaven, and how he imagines what life might be like in Heaven.

Whether you're a Christian or not Tony hope’s this book will get you thinking!

He also hopes you will be motivated to get to Heaven, to build your treasures in Heaven and to help others get there too.

So, if you are a Christian how about sharing this book with your non-Christian family friends and neighbours?

You never know, this book may just sow some seeds and become a catalyst to those who are close to you one day sharing your faith.

Available as a single book, bulk pack or audiobook from


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