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New Imagine Heaven Course

I've recently come across this great course called 'Imagine Heaven'. It is an inspirational journey through the Bible's picture of heaven, lived through the lives of people who have had accidents in their lives and nearly died, coming through their experience of near-death with a vision of Heaven.

The Imagine Heaven course creates discussion about life beyond this one, with those who have had a fascinating near-death experience and come back to tell the tale.

A great opportunity for churches, in the lead-up to Easter!

To watch the introduction Click Here

There is a small one-off fee of £40 for your Church to use this in your setting, plus excellent recoures available.

For all the details about how to run a course Click Here

A Full set of resources accompany the Course

To watch the intro video Click Here

Six key videos to work through and then leaders videos to help answer questions that people might have.

Also, two great booklets key to your running of the mission, are available in Resources once you Log In.

1. “What’s after Life?” booklets. These are like gold dust! You may purchase up to a max of 300 at a discounted price of £1 each. Designed as a personal invite, they are a bite-sized version of John’s Imagine Heaven book.

2. Imagine Heaven John's Gospel. The Gospel of John in a handy pocket-sized format, that includes an invitation to the Imagine Heaven website and to ‘join a course near you’. These are free for Wales, with grateful thanks to the Pocket Testament League, with up to 1,000 available per church for a more mass distribution appropriate to your own setting.

So what you need to do next is....

2. Order your booklets.

3. Cast the vision to your church.

4. Plan how you will engage the wider community.

5. Choose course leaders, with all the training resources from the Log in section. It is very easy to do, no one needs to be an expert.

6. Invite your guests.

7. Run your course.

8. Follow up and discipleship e.g., Alpha invite to church/special event.

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