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Nothing is too much trouble

As we journey through life, is this true or a myth ?

I stumbled upon a Two Ronnies sketch today, which really pushed the boundaries of customer service.

If you are like me, it's the little things when you go to a restaurant or you are shopping for something, that make the experience better.

Personally I've never been this difficult, the closest I've come is to wait for the attendant to do something before I ask for something else. That has caused some smile and frustration as the attendant realised I was treating them like a 5yr old - my assumption that they couldn't remember more than one request at a time.

So what happens when we are the provider of a service, how do we get treated and how to we respond when someone treats us like a dinasour?

Do we go the extra mile - even for our friends and families, do we have what it takes to serve them?

This is a very funny sketch, but actually touches on most of the points which cause a shopper stress.

Think about it.


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