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The clocks went back last night and if you are like me there's always that jumble of clocks to try and reprogramme, all with their little quirks.

The cooker, the car, the boiler - I don't know why in today's world they just can wifi themselves an update of time.

The whole concept of putting the clocks back and forward each year seems such a big upheaval for society. Ben Ben Franklin came up with the idea in 1784, in order to save the length of time which candles burn, I'm sure he didn't consider electricity, wifi, or the internet.

These days it's basically too big a deal worldwide to have a coordinated change, most governments would have to consider all the implications of getting back to a pre-1784 normal, electricity companies would have to configure production to cater for kettles collectively turning on later, then people might turn their clocks backward or forward without realising the world around them didn't.

Anyway, I don't think it will be scrapped in my lifetime, and I suppose it gives us something to do, because we haven't got enough to think about already, slight hint of sarcasm there!!

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