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One of the best comedy sketches of all time.

Only Fools and Horses was a staple in our house as we grew up. Everyone huddled around our 28" Colour TV on Saturday night watching one of the four channels we had.

Del & Rodney Trotter represented the aspiration of a working class Nation. To be free of work and become 'millionaires'. The programmes followed their antics as they tried to break free from the norm and embrace the elusive success they so often tried to persuade others they had.

Over the years, they re-invented themselves in so many way, to try and say they were experts in something to create a new business to make it to the millions they desired.

They sold, bad paint one time, then Russian Dolls, or there was the time they created Peckham Spring Water - Tap water bottled in their flat. Of course we can't forget the chandelier cleaning business which again was a priceless comedic episode.

When all was said and done, they never managed to make their millions for the 16 years Only Fools and Horses ran. That is until the very last episode. Their uncle had left them a pocket watch, which they thought was an egg timer. So when clearing out a garage, they decided to sell it via auction.

The resulting four minutes of television is priceless comedy.

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