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Prayer Magazine #36 out now

Updated: Jun 12, 2019

Prayer Magazine has been a labour of love now for fifteen years.

It's a joy in this edition to help unveil the winning design for the Wall of Answered Prayer, a National Monument to be built in Coleshill, Birmingham.

Imagine, that each brick in the structure (1 million of them), a 150m high, mobius strip design, will carry a code to link to a story of answered prayer, quite incredible.

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Prayer Magazine is the UK's only publication dedicated to Prayer. Let's pray together for a transformation of our Nation.     To subscribe to Prayer Magazine click this link.   This is a bumper edition with a wide range of articles.   Articles in this Magazine include :-   Dates for the Diary   The Wall of Answered Prayer - The Winning Design   A Wing and a Prayer Poem   Fighting Injustice with Prayer   Ideas for Prayer this Summer   Love All, Serve All   The Launch of Neighbour Sunday

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