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Review : Nutribullet 900

Updated: Feb 15, 2019

This new gadget is amazing. Easy to use, very easy to clean and it's super fast for smoothies and juices.

Not wanting to turn into a kitchen appliance reviewer full time, so I'll keep this brief.

Over the years, I've bought hand blenders, full scale kitchen food processors and more specialist squeeze juicers (Which don't cut). I've never quite found the right balance between, size, ease of use, speed, assembly and dis-assembly. They all had some advantage but until now I never found a machine which ticked all my boxes.

I saw the Nutribullet watching shopping channel on a trip to America once (sad I know - but fun). Of course the whole system was sold as a must have, life changing item, it seemed good, but I was 4,000 miles from home.... soo I put it out of my mind.

Just before Christmas Amazon was running a special offer, and I got the mid-range machine, one blade two cups and a book for just under £100. So I thought I'd give it a whirl and I was and am so impressed.

For a smoothy, you just put the fruit, some milk (we use almond milk) into the cup, screw the blade to the top of the cup then tip everything upside down and slot it into the machine. The base unit spins the blade around which is effectively facing upward inside the cup. This makes the process super clean and VERY fast. The smoothy I made took 5 seconds. Life the cup off the base, turnover - unscrew the blade and place it in the dishwasher and hey smoothy done.

It's exactly the same for the juicing and as fast. I've also used it to crush nuts and beat eggs (a lot of eggs). It works perfectly. There are no buttons, it's very safe as the blade is inside the cup when you use it.

Point to note - when you use a blade to cut fruit or vegetables, you cut the enzymes in the process. That will essentially start to kill off the nutritional benefit of the fruit or vegetable within about 20 minutes. Easy answer, drink the smoothy or juice within 10-15 minutes of making it - don't store it, as it will go off and be of no nutritional benefit very quickly.

So all that to say I would highly recommend this, it's made life a fair bit easier, it's quick, clean and safe. To declutter, I took the other appliances out of the cupboard, the squeeze juicer, food processor and hand blender. With all their parts manuals etc. And had three carrier bags of appliance equipment I rarely used, because they were fiddly, slow to setup and clean. All that has gone to the charity shop.

I've also recovered loads of cupboard space.

It's on an even better offer on Amazon right now for £74.99

There's a demo video below.

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