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Root Canal Treatment - Oh Joy.

Today is the second round of root canal treatment for me. It started last October when two days before a trip to South Africa, I had a toothache on a level I had never had before.

I rushed to the dentist who said they couldn't do anything until the infection was cleared a bit, so I got some antibiotics and off I flew. Whether it was the flight or whatever, it flared up there, and I had the root canal done (temporarily) in Eldorado park outside Johannesburg for the grand sum of £28, verses the £370 I was quoted here.

With it being temporary I knew I would need it done again. using Parkway clinic in Swansea, I'm getting the full works, not cheap, but they've cleaned it all out, found a background infection which has been dealt with and now I go back today to finally get the thing finished.

It truly is amazing how something so small can cause so much pain !!


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