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SimCity Buildit - Touch

I'm not into shoot them up games, neither the older I'm getting arcade style offerings. I have though been super impressed by SimCity Builit - the iPad 'touch' version of this classic game.

Building a city, balancing the happiness of the sims with the annual budget. Making sure the taxes are appropriate but not too heavy to drive people away and then specialising in some enterprise, from coal mining to tourism.

The graphics on an iPad Pro are amazing, you can rotate a city 360 degrees while also being able to zoom in and out. You can also link it to Facebook to see if your friends are playing.

The game is free to download. EA (The games creators) have build a fairly addictive game. They rely on you being impatient enough to want to purchase currency in the game to buy things, upgrade etc. to speed up the game. I don't usually fall for this, expect when the offer me 50% off the items that allow me to expand my land holding or items storage.

Anyway, I love problem solving and strategy type games and this one doesn't disappoint. There is something about creating a Utopia, that appeals to me. Of course its pure escapism on an industrial scale. Every wondered what happens when you release a sky scraper sized dinosaur into your City ?

So if you need a break from the hustle and bustle of life and fancy something different, you should look at this. Just keep an eye on your temptation to speed the process up - little and often play engagement is the key to not running up big bills.

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