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So let's ask an obvious question!!!

As you know I've written about my shock, moving from a bankrupt energy supplier to British Gas. An increase of 252% from what we were paying a year before.

We had no choice when PFP Energy went bust to decide who our new supplier would be. We just had an email from British Gas to say they were our new supplier and they would be offering us favourable terms for a short time. So it was a complete shock to be told our deal was two and half times more than what we were paying.

We've found in the last 24 hrs a very good deal with Octopus Energy. Who are offering us £259.82 for a 12 month deal and the energy is renewable.

So to the question.

British Gas was telling us it was the very best deal they could offer. How can another supplier offer a MUCH more competitive price and it's fixed for 12 months.

Moving to Octopus will save us £226.03 per month or £2,712.36 - The price of a very nice holiday.

So today is no brainer day. Octopus it is.

What a ripoff Company British Gas has become.

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